Winter Mornings, Messy Hair, Big Sweaters, Coffee and Vogue
4 MAY 2015

New York Winter Inspo

When I think of Winter I think of New York. Yes, their winters are much later than ours and of course are much more colder than ours but what inspires me are the New Yorkers and their relentless street style.  Leather, faux fur, ankle boots, wide brim hats, big sweaters and coats are just a few of the common pieces that each individual is able to take and make it their own. Their is such diversity in their style – from chic to punk to absolutely glamorous.

We might not be able to pull out our gloves or our big trench coats but we can definitely find other pieces to replace them with. So, to help you out a bit I have put together an inspo board based on what inspires me about their style and culture. I will be uploading a post soon showing you how to wear some of these “New York inspired looks” so stay close!!! It’s my first so please let me know where I can improve. I would really appreciate all suggestions and opinions.




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